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I found an older Bonanza that I  wish to  buy  and  use to fly to and in Haiti, the Bahamas, Central America and elsewhere for our mission work for Christ.  Roads in third world countries like Haiti are very bad and even non existent .  A road trip in Haiti that would take all day can be reach with an airplane in as little as :20 minutes.to get to a destination. 

We used another 1947 Bonanza in Africa which I found to be great in getting into and out of dirt landing strips there.  There are  landing strips in Haiti at Jeremie, Gonaivess and elsewhere and a international airport at Port Au Prince. Flying time from Titusville, Florida to Port Au Prince takes about 6 hours with one stop enroute for fuel at George Town.

We need $60,000 to purchase this 1949 Bonanza and to upgrade it to FAA current airworthiness standards.  

Your donation in any amount is tax deductible for you as Missions for Christ International is a U.S. Government 501(C)(3) non profit organization.

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Pastor Derry